Apr 19

Finding the Perfect Pet for Your Family Is a Decision Requiring Time and Patience

For 15 years you have struggled with what to do with this dog. She only turned left, her tongue would not stay in her mouth, she barked at the wall, and was never fully potty trained. You threatened to ship her off every week, but you never did because as hard as she was to live with she was easy to love. You have spent countless amount of money on chew proof crate pads so that she could go on family vacations because she never wanted to go to the kennel. You have cut meetings and dinners short so that you could get home to let her out. This morning, however, all of that came to an end.
Your dog passed away at home last night. Your sound found her and is heartbroken. The whole family, in fact, is heart broken. While the kids were away at school you spend time getting rid of everything that would remind the kids of their loss. From donating the chew proof crate pads to a local animal shelter to searching for the lost toys throughout the house and the yard, you have done everything w Read More »

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Apr 15

5 Reasons to Consider Getting an Emotional Support Animal

Everyday people all over the globe are helped by service and emotional support animals. If you fly much, you have most likely seen them both on flights as a legitimate emotional support animal registration allows people to bring their animals on board. You may have seen them in hotels as well.

Emotional support animals are different from service animals. The latter are trained and are considered to be working. The former provide their owners help and support just by being near them. They are not pets but many may resemble them. They can be cats and dogs but a range of other animals have received legitimate emotional support animal registration.

The benefits provided by these animals cannot be understated. They help people with their physical, emotional, and mental health. These animals are smart creatures who are able to have a positive impact on their owners’ mental state. They offer unconditional love and compassion. People report that they help them feel less alone. Read More »

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Apr 02

Giving Back To Mankind’s Best Friend

Dogs have been mankind’s best friend since time immemorial. While most homes in the United States own at least one pet, dogs stand out by claiming 44 percent of all pet ownership with Labrador retrievers coming out as the most popular going on five years since 2013. Their induction into families is nearly instant, being labeled a member of one’s family, even coining the name “fur baby” as a sign of affection. Unfortunately, since dogs do not share a human’s longevity, they tend to experience the passage of time faster than we do. And with that old age comes its issues: arthritis.

Do not clutch your dog yet! Every three out of four dogs, about 76 percent, suffering from severe dysplasia or arthritis go on to lead happy and comfortable lives, if they are taken care of. Just like humans have methods of dealing with their arthritis, mankind has also invented methods, like hand warming gloves for arthritis, that have helped improve a dog’s life. Hand warming gloves for arthritis are de Read More »

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Mar 08

Do You Brush Your Dog’s Teeth? Here Are Some Common Health Concerns You Should Consider In 2019

Pets are more similar to us than we think.

They love to relax on a lazy Sunday and do nothing but watch Netflix originals. They enjoy the simple pleasures of a warm blanket and a long nap. They even have a similar sense of humor (when’s the last time your cat got a kick out of pranking you?). Sadly, too many owners overlook these similarities and forget that their pets need basic healthcare needs. This includes not just finding the right food, but providing vaccinations and pet dental exams.

It’s time to step up your pet owner game. Here are a few things you should be keeping in mind for 2019 so your cat or dog can be at their healthiest!

Did You Know?

Before we launch into the ins and outs of a pet dental exam…what do you know about pets in the United States? According to a recent survey most households in the country have at least one pet. Around 45% of these households have a dog, with dogs and cats one of the most popul Read More »

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Jan 29

Veterinary Hospitals Serving Emergencies and Regular Pet Health Alike

Veterinarians are able to provide so much support for all animals, especially the pets that require such loving care to help remain healthy in your home. The animal hospital is available for every emergency that comes up any time day or night.

The Value of Animal Hospitals

Considering the number of homes that own pets, especially dogs and cats, there is much to gain from having animal hospitals nearby. Emergencies can bring on a surprise at any point, and you know that pets are just like family members, often as beloved as your children. Therefore, the nearby emergency vet services are a wonderful solution, including those almost 40 million homes that own cats. With the occurrence of dental disease in those cats often happening by three years old, there is much to gain from having those emergency veterinarians close by at all times.

24 Hour Animal Hospitals

With Read More »

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Jan 16

Mental Illness Is A Rough Journey When Taken Alone Ever Considered Adopting An Emotional Support Dog?

Pets enhance our lives in so many ways.

They help us feel a little safer when living alone and unsure of what lays out in the dark of night. They offer us comfort during trying times and put a smile on our faces when the workweek comes back around again. Time after time, pets give us something to look forward to…all without even trying! Taking good care of your dog or cat is the least you can do after all the times they picked you back up. If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental illness this year, this might be a topic you’re thinking about more often.

The benefits of certification extend to mobility issues and mental health issues. What are the best pets for depression and how can a furry face help turn your life around?

The Most Popular Pets In America

Americans love their pets. A recent study found nearly 45% of American families include at least one dog, bringing the total canine population to a staggering 80 million. Th Read More »

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Nov 26

5 Tips For New Pet Owners From Grooming and Exercise to Mental Health and Love

Though many children grow up with pets in the house, whether those be cats and dogs, hamsters or maybe even a spider or snake. Not all kids are around pets growing up, which means many adults grow up not knowing how to take proper care of a pet. That’s perfectly okay, as long as they’re willing to learn what’s required when adopting a new pet. What follows are eight of our tips to help in the process of learning how to take care of a pet.

1. Responsibility is Key

When you adopt an animal, you’re taking on the responsibility of that animal’s life. You, and possibly your family, are going to be this creature’s entire life, and it’s up to you to take care of them. That means making sure they always have enough food and water, that their excrement is cleaned up (in whatever form that takes), they are given the proper shots and vaccinations, and are taken to the vet when they have to be attended to by a doctor. As the owner of a pet, it’s absolutely integral to be aware o Read More »

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Oct 16

Use Dog Hock Brace Therapy for Your Older Animal

Most injuries to dogs occur in the hind legs, particularly in older animals. Treat the injury and help your dog feel healthy again with a dog hock brace. Canine leg wraps like this are made to treat Achilles tendon injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, nerve injury and other conditions that commonly affect dogs.

Therapy Dog Products

Your dog is your best friend, and you want your friend to feel good at all times. Treat their aches and injuries with the right therapy dog products, such as a dog hock brace, an arthritic knee brace, ankle brace socks or a similar product. A brace gives your dog the leg and joint support they need to help them find relief and get the healing they deserve.

A dog hock brace or similar therapeutic product may be used after dogs sustain an injury, or to relieve the symptoms of arthritis in aging dogs. Sometimes, these braces are used fo Read More »

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Oct 03

A Guide to Local Dog Clinics and More

Dogs and cats are in so many homes in the United States as pets that family love and care for. However, not every properly takes care of their dog and pet. As a result, it is important for people to visit their vet clinic or veterinarian office. Take time to find some local dog clinics and vets office locations near you today.

A recent study shows that 66% of all dog food allergies are caused by beef, dairy, and wheat. However, if you have failed to visit local dog clinics then you do not know about these allergies. Avoid a potentially hazardous situation by referring to a dog clinic for help. They can aid with teeth cleaning and neutering and spaying as well!

Dog Clinics Help With Teeth Maintenance

By 3 years of age, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have periodontal, or dental, disease. However, this can be avoided if pet owners visit their local cat clinics or dog clinics. They have Read More »

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Jul 11

5 Things You Can Do To Care For A Senior Pet

It’s often said that dogs are man’s friend and while that may certainly be true, the same can be said for all pets in the United States.

It is estimated that between 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 cats are owned in the United States.

For all the comfort and companionship that cats, dogs and other pets provide, it’s important to take care of them when they get sick. Too often we think that are pets are never going to get old and it makes it that much harder when they do. Maybe a dog’s eyesight slowly starts to go or maybe one day you notice your dog or cat looks a little older than they used to. Further still, maybe there’s a serious health problem that occurs.
When it comes to caring for a senior pet, identified as a medium-sized dog who is seven year old or a cat that is 10 years old, here are some steps you can take:

  • Regular checkups: Vets suggest twice yearly visits for older pets. Blood work is also important for older animals who may be sick or h Read More »
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