Mar 14

5 Types of Cancer Treatment for Pets

Veterinary oncology arizona

Pets are part of the family, and nothing is depressing than to see a family member sick. It’s even worse if they are suffering from something serious like cancer. If your pet is diagnosed with cancer, the treatment options can seem overwhelming. Like in humans, cancer treatment for pets will depend on factors such as tumor type, size, grade, location among other specific variables.

With the advanced cancer treatments and awareness programs, however, your veterinary oncology will explore various treatments including curative, surgery, therapy or other treatment options aimed at reducing the spread of cancer and its effects. Here are some of the main cancer treatment for pets and can be administered in combinat Read More »

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Jan 01

Viruses What to Know for Saving Your Pet

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Pets can be a major part of America’s families and solo men and women. They may be given as Christmas presents to children, who generally love them and shout out with joy, at least in the commercials. They are called “man’s best friend” or people referred to with names like “the cat lady.”

They may be a full participant in Christmas. According to a poll, 53% of dog owners and 58% of people with cats give their pets Christmas presents. There are many dogs and cats in the United States. It’s estimated that 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats are owned in the United States.

There are many possibilities for someone looking to get a pet. One of these possibilities is the dog, who is considered “man’s best friend.” A dog is considered a friendly pet as it generally greets the owner Read More »

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Sep 27

Why You Need to Get Your Dog Checked for Heartworms Every Year

Antigen heartworm test

It is hard to imagine a better companion sometimes than our dogs. They are by our sides when things go well and give us comfort when things go wrong. For many, their dog is not just like family; their dog is family. If that is the case in your household, then you already know how important it can be to protect your dog from heartworms.

Veterinary clinical diagnostics has shown over the years how devastating a case of heartworms can be to a dog, no matter how old. It has become standard practice over the years to give dogs a heartworm antigen test to detect specific heartworm proteins.

These specific heartworm proteins are called antigens and are released by the adult femal Read More »

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Sep 10

The Role of Pet Wellness Visits and Screening for Hearthworm Disease

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Every pet parent knows how important it is to keep their animal companion healthy, but not every pet parent knows how to go about doing so. It’s common for well-intentioned pet parents to make mistake in maintaining their pets’ health, and some of these mistakes can have long-term consequences.

Learning more about the specific emotional, mental, and physical needs of their pets can help pet owners maintain the health of their pets. A healthy pet is a happy pet, and happy pets make for even happier pet owners!

The Importance of Regular Veterinarian Visits

Routine visits to the vet, including veterinary laboratory services, such as heart Read More »

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Sep 09

Reasons You Need the Best Pet Health Insurance for Your Animals

Health concerns for senior dogs

Do you have health care for yourself and your family? Do you own any animals? If you do, have you ever considered getting health care for your animals? Just like humans, animals can get sick or injured and need to be taken care of by a vet. There are a variety of different diseases animals can get that can be life threatening if not dealt with by a medical professional. From regular procedures like spaying and neutering, to illnesses, to injuries, pet care can get expensive if you don?t have pet insurance. There?s no reason to let your animal suffer if you could save money in the long run by finding pet health insurance plans that work for you.

Interested in learning more about reasons why health care for your animals is essential? Keep reading to learn how much health care for animal Read More »

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Aug 14

Is Your Family Pet Suffering a Serious Health Condition?

Signs of cancer in pets

The 33 second video of the large dog playing air hockey against its owner is heart warming. Through sheer size and energy, the large dog really does appear to be trying to make sure that the floating red disk does not cross the line and approach the goal. This short video, in fact, is just what you need to see today of all days. Your family pet of 15 years has recently been diagnosed with cancer and you are considering the pet cancer treatment options that have been offered. From veterinary surgery options to a detailed pain relief plan, the animal care industry continues to develop and offer more ways to make sure that pets receive all of the care that this is available.
The hilarious video, as a result, is a welcome relief. After long hours of consideration about the pet cancer treatment options Read More »

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Aug 11

Back-To-School Separation Anxiety How To Help Your Pets Adjust To A New Routine

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September is right around the corner, which means it’s almost time for kids and young adults alike to head back to school. Whether you have young children who will be starting kindergarten this year or you’ll be bringing your son or daughter back to campus in a few weeks, you may be thinking more about gathering supplies than how other (and furrier) members of the family will adjust to these changes. But the truth is that our pets often have trouble when their routine is interrupted, especially when it involves a sudden lack of interaction. Any veterinarian will tell you that separation anxiety is a very real thing for your pets, and if you don’t know how to recognize it, you may end up feeling as frustrated as they do.
Dogs, in particular, are prone to separation anxiety and often exhibit obvious b Read More »

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Jun 12

Is Your Cat Covered if They Become Ill or Injured? Find Out More About Cat Health Insurance Today

Pet insurance plans

Do you have a new kitten in your family? Or perhaps someone has given you an older cat or you’ve rescued a cat from a local shelter. If you haven’t purchased cat health insurance for them yet, you may want to consider doing so at your earliest convenience. Lifetime pet insurance can assist you with covering veterinary bills if your beloved cat becomes ill or is injured. This insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions, however.

Were you aware that the United States has more cats than any other country in the world? There are roughly 76.43 million of these 4-legged beings in this country. Furthermore, it is believed there are around 60 million feral cats in America as well.

Most cats in the United States have been either spayed or neutered. While this amounts to 84% of household cats that ha Read More »

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May 30

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need To Stay Healthy?

Dog kennel end table

Have you considered adopting a dog? Owning a pet is a massive responsibility…as well as a massive reward. Millions of American households boast one, if not several, dogs to their name. Canines are well-known for being one of the most lovable, fun and rewarding pets to have around and, as such, require a disciplined hand to remain healthy and happy. This can mean everything from a daily walk regimen to offering your furry friend a spa treatment once a month. For those that are wondering how they can keep their new pet properly accommodated mentally and physically, dog park items should be the first in your arsenal.

How Many Households Have Dogs?

Think dogs are merely popular? Think again. Nearly half of all American households have at least one dog. This totals to nea Read More »

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May 27

Different ways to take care of your dog

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Dogs have been living and working with humans for thousands of years. They are the first instance we have of domesticated animals and the first historical example that exists of humans depending on animals outside of basic food sources. The story of how we came to live and work with dogs is fascinating and long. It involves brave, adventurous wolves that dared to enter human camps because of food shortages and the mutual relationship those early wolves developed with early humans. All of the other aspects of modern day dog life, from the veterinary diagnostics market to food safety testing, was developed out of this simple and beneficial relationship. We learned to love dogs just as they learned to love and trust us. The path wasn’t always easy, of course. There are going to be pitfalls in any relationsh Read More »

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