Jun 09

Recognizing Dog Health Issues

Veterinarian greensboro

Your dog will always tell you when they need to be let out, when they’re hungry, or when they’re lonely, but it’s hard for them to say “hey owner, I think I’m sick!” Dogs and cats under the age of 10 should visit a veterinary care center once a year, and every six months if they are 10 years and older. However, things can go wrong between routine checkups.

Seeing a veterinarian for dogs is the best thing you can do for man’s best friend, and because they can’t tell you what’s wrong, we’ve come up with a list of the most common health issues found in dogs.

  1. Heartworms This is a potentially deadly disease in which parasites infect your dog’s heart and occurs from a mosquito bite that manifests into larvae. Symptoms include collapsing and depression.>
  2. Vo Read More »
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May 19

Pet Insurance Perfect for When Disaster Strikes

Cat insurance

You have achieved a life-long dream of purchasing a pet. Now you want to ensure your pet has the longest, most enjoyable life possible. In order to keep your furry friend healthy, compare pet insurance quotes and be prepared if something happens.

Vets have access to increasingly sophisticated and costly diagnostic tools, such as MRIs. Such screenings not only boost the cost of exams but often detect problems that once would have gone unnoticed and untreated. As veterinary medicine is increasingly employing expensive medical techniques and drugs, and owners have high expectations for their pets care. Pet health insurance is actually a form of property insurance, as it reimburses the owner after the pet has Read More »

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May 14

The Benefits of Pet Health Insurance

Cat insurance

Did you know that the average life expectancy for a dog is 8-15 years? Additionally, cats typically live for 12-20 years. Although pets generally do not outlive humans, they deserve to live healthy lives. Fortunately, this can be accomplished by obtaining pet health insurance. Vet pet insurance helps cover the cost of veterinary visits, which makes this a beneficial way to care for your animals.

- Broad coverage. Pet health insurance is designed to cover a wide variety of expenses. Although all insurance plans are different, most cheap pet insurance policies cover veterinary visits when your pets are sick or injured, and many plans even reimburse you for the cost of medication. Read More »

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May 06

Reasons to Buy a Cavachon

Cavachon puppy

If you’re interested in getting a dog, you know exactly what you’re looking for. “I’m trying to find a dog that’s quiet but playful and gets along with other animals”, you might say to your friends. “We need a dog that is hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed very much,” you might say to your neighbor. But these statements most likely result in long conversations about how difficult owning a dog can actually be: your peers will tell you about how hard it is to train a dog to be friendly around children and pets, how dogs are noisy by nature, or relate statistics about how rare it is to find a dog that is both hypoallergenic and low-shed. These conversations are sure to be discouraging, especially when there is a lot of data that shows how many benefits to having a pet there are: petting and playing with your dog is Read More »

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May 02

Pet Insurance The Best Friend of Your Furry One

Pet insurance reviews

Your pet is a member of the family. So you want to make sure they are taken care of as well as everyone else. If you are serious about the long term health of your pet, check out the best pet insurance reviews. Compare pet insurance and ensure that your family is ready should disaster strike.

Many pet owners believe pet insurance is a variation of human health insurance; however, pet insurance is actually a form of property insurance. Pet insurance reimburses the owner after the pet has received care and the owner submits a claim to the insurance company. Pet insurance policies typically have deductibles, co-pays and caps that limit how much will be paid out annually. Non-lifetime and lifetime are the categories of insurance polic Read More »

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Apr 03

The Delicate Balance Between Socialization and Obedience

Dog training for aggressive dogs

K9 dog training is very important to a healthy and happy dog. Also imperative to a healthy and happy dog is socialization with other dogs. These two components however act in polarity, as socialization will encourage bad behavior learned from other dogs.

When training an aggressive dog, it takes a lot of initiative on the part of the dog owner. There have been advances in dog training for aggressive dogs and dog training equipment to guide you through the process. And K9 dog training sessions don’t end when you pick your dog up from the kennel. Furthermore, with in-kennel training owners never really quite know how the dog is being treated or trained. So stepping up to the plate as you Read More »

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Apr 03

Three Ways You Can Use Social Media to Help Influence Your Business

Importance of veterinary web sites

Still need help building a professional website? If so, you’re severely behind the curve. One LinkedIn writer recently devoted and entire blog post to the fact that business owners who rely on their main website only are in for a rude awakening when they try to sustain a viable operation on the web.

That’s because websites alone aren’t enough to engage users anymore. The vast majority of web-savvy content scourers are young and hungry for innovation. They grew up on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, so why deny them the opportunity to discover your business through those means? Of course, Google can always be counted on to do much of the heavy lifting. But the future of the web is being built around social media.

And by following these three social media-centric we Read More »

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Mar 27

Three Helpful Ways to Market Your Veterinary Website

Powder springs animal vet

Did you know that 64% of Americans use search engines to find local businesses? The internet is full of potential customers, and SEO is one of the most effective ways to attract them to your website. In fact, internet search delivers an ROI of $22 for every $1 spent on it. As a result, you must implement several SEO marketing strategies in order to draw more users to your veterinarian website.

1. Mobile web design. In addition to working flawlessly on desktop computers, your veterinary website design must be compatible with all mobile devices, as well. In order to create an effective mobile website, you must follow certain mobile website design tips, such as keeping the information on your website relevant and concise. By seeking assi Read More »

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Mar 27

Three Ways to Market Your Veterinarian Website

Dr. tracy king in marietta

Did you know that 64% of Americans use search engines to find local businesses? In fact, 80% of people between the ages of 18-34 use search engines to find veterinarians. As a result, you must market your veterinarian website online in order to attract more web traffic. By implementing the following veterinary marketing ideas, your website will be able to gain more traffic.

1. Web design. Quality web design provides a reliable brand identity, so you must use veterinary web design to your advantage. In addition to adding a distinctive logo and appearance to your website, you must also present relevant and unique information, as well. This will distinguish you from your competitors, which will allow your veterina Read More »

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Feb 27

The Benefits of Pet Health Insurance

Cat insurance

Did you know that 94% of pet owners admit that their pets make them smile at least one time per day? Many people take great pride in their pets, which is why dog and cat insurance has become available. There are two key benefits of obtaining the best pet insurance, as this is an effective way to care for your dogs and cats.

1. Coverage. Pet health insurance is designed to help cover the expenses of many veterinary procedures, and this is important because animals often suffer from a variety of health problems. Obesity, for example, can trigger health problems in animals, and many pets even frequently suffer from wheezing, pale gums, poor appetite, and excessive thirst. In order to determine whether or not your pets are healthy, it is import Read More »

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