Meow. Bark. Ribbit. Chirp. Squawk. Hiss. Bloop. Zrrrt. What do all of these onomatopoeia have in common? They’re all noises you might hear at your local veterinary clinic. Samantha Cranston is an audio recording engineer by trade, but she dedicates her off hours to her number one hobby: gathering field recordings of veterinarians’ offices. There is nothing quite like the sound profile of a busy room full of animals, people, and medicines. She has found that a careful consideration of the sounds of vets’ offices can tell you a lot about the surrounding community. She began releasing a limited run of monthly vinyl releases of these recordings and they have been selling out very quickly. After about ten years of this she began to run out of easily accessible and well-known veterinary clinics to record. That’s why this site exists. In addition to a rollicking blog full of fun veterinary info, the site also includes resources to help you find a vet you can live with. And then, in turn, perhaps that will help her find more vet offices to turn into sound art. So ready your eyeballs and collar your fuzzy brethren, cuz it’s time to learn about animal medicine!

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