Animal headstones: remembering your pet

Pet memorial markers

No one wants to have to say goodbye to their pet. Losing a pet is like losing a member of the family. Pets deserve to be remembered in the best way possible; the same way people do. Many families would not skimp on the cost of the casket or the headstone for someone they have lost. With that being said, they should not skimp on the cost of animal headstones for their pets either.

The process of purchasing animal headstones for pets is very similar to purchasing headstones for people. When choosing a headstone for a person, the options vary depending on how much money families wish to spend. The same holds true for buying gravestones for pets. If families only want to purchase basic pet memorial stones, they have the choice of three shapes: rectangle, square, and round. If they want to pay a little bit more, they can choose between heart shaped or cross shaped animal headstones. As far as basic colors go, families can select either gray, black, or tan. The size options are small, medium, and large. Obviously, the possibilities are endless, with regards to the writing on the pet headstones.

Furthermore, some families may want to go above and beyond the basic animal headstones to honor their four legged loved ones. They might even want to bypass the purchase of heart shaped or cross shaped animal headstones. If so, they have the option of purchasing photographic pet stones. But, these are not just any photographic pet stones. These pet stones are made of marble and the photos are in color, not in black and white.

Saying goodbye to a loved one for the last time is extremely difficult. However, saying goodbye does not mean that they will be forgotten. Whether that loved one is a person or an animal, their memory will live on each time you visit their grave and look at the picture and words you chose to put on their headstone. Visit here for more information.

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