Are You Providing Your Cat With These Necessary Care Habits?

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Cats are one of the most common domestic animals in the United States. Many people adopt a cat because they assume that they are less work than other types of household animals. Although this is true in some aspects, it is not entirely true. Caring for your pet is just as important when it comes to cats, as with any other type of household animal. Cats require regular care in a variety of ways.

Routine vaccinations
Many cat owners are not aware that cats require routine vaccinations, just as dogs do. Cats are subject to a variety of diseases. Although they spend much of their time indoors, they can get out and become exposed to these diseases. These diseases can also be brought into the home, exposing your cat to them. It is important that your cat receives routine vaccinations, based on your vet recommendations. They should also be on a routine flea preventative. Even if they do not go outdoors, they can be subject to fleas.

Spaying and neutering
The spay and neuter numbers of cats also tend to be less than that of dogs. Households with one cat may believe that they do not need to spay or neuter their cat. Not only does spaying a cat or neutering your pet provide many health benefits, but it also decreases their desire to stray. Cats that are not fixed have more of an urge to get outdoors. Once outdoors, they may produce a litter that you are now responsible for. One unsprayed female cat can produce up to 4,948 kittens in seven years.

Your cat should be spayed or neutered as young as possible. This is another common mistake. Many cat owners wait to have their cat fixed, not understanding that they can get pregnant at an extremely young age. In fact, both cats and dogs as young as five months can get pregnant. Caring for your pet properly means having them neutered or spayed before they ever have the change of producing a litter. You will also be helping with the overpopulation of cats in the country.

Good dental care
Caring for your pet also means good dental care. Although veterinarians explain the importance of brushing, 65% of pet owners do not brush their pet?s teeth. Cats particularly require more brushing, because they do not chew on toys or hard bones like dogs do. It may be difficult to develop a brushing routine with your cat, but if you start the process early enough, they will become more used to it. For proper brushing and teeth cleaning tips, visit your local cat clinic. Cat clinics may even have products that help you effectively keep your cat?s teeth clean.

Healthy weight and diet
Another common problem among cats is weight control. Cats tend to be less active than dogs, often contributing to unhealthy weight. When a cat is overweight, they are subject to a variety of health conditions. It may be more difficult to control your cat?s weight, as you cannot walk them daily, like you could with a dog. Consult with your pet healthcare professional on healthier diet choices and monitor your pet?s eating habits. If they eat too much, consider only feeding them at certain times throughout the day. Encourage them to be active with cat toys and cat nip products.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans own at least one cat. Cat ownership differs drastically from dog or other animal type ownership. In some ways, they are easier to care for. In other ways, they are more difficult. Properly caring for your pet, specifically your cat requires routine vaccinations, preventative flea medications, weight control, healthy diet, good dental health, and fixing them before their first litter. Not only will you be providing your cat with a healthier lifestyle, but you will find that your relationship with them is better and happier.

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