Are You Worried About the Health of Your Pug?

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If you have a little cute Pug puppy, you should be aware of some health issues this breed is susceptible to. There is no doubt a Pug can easily put a smile on your face. This breed has a flat face, which is behind certain Pug health problems. Since a Pug has a flat face and bulging eyes, they are susceptible to ulcerations. The good news is this type of problem is not life threatening. An elongated soft palate is another cause of Pug health problems. The position of the elongated soft palate will cause problems by restricting airway. You will notice a funny wheezing sound your Pug makes from time to time because of this problem.

Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE) is another condition commonly found in the Pug breed. This dog health problem involves inflammation of the brain. If you see your Pug walking funny, or if you think your Pug is experiencing seizures, you will need to visit a veterinarian. The bad news is there are no cures for this type of health condition. However, you can obtain medication to help reduce the chances of your Pug experiencing more seizures. The good news is only a small percentage of Pugs will deal with this type of dog health problem.

Other dog health problems in the Pug breed include Luxating Patella and Dry Eye Syndrome (Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca). Luxating Patella involves problems with a dog’s knees, where a small bone is dislocated. Dry Eye Syndrome can actually lead to blindness in the Pug breed. Tracheal Collapse is a health condition common in small dog breeds, including the Pug breed. Regardless of all these conditions, you can seek help and advice from a reputable veterinarian in your area. Certain Pug health problems are treatable with the proper medications and surgical procedures. If you have a Pug, be sure to look out for any of these conditions in the future.

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