Giving Back To Mankind’s Best Friend

Dogs have been mankind’s best friend since time immemorial. While most homes in the United States own at least one pet, dogs stand out by claiming 44 percent of all pet ownership with Labrador retrievers coming out as the most popular going on five years since 2013. Their induction into families is nearly instant, being labeled a member of one’s family, even coining the name “fur baby” as a sign of affection. Unfortunately, since dogs do not share a human’s longevity, they tend to experience the passage of time faster than we do. And with that old age comes its issues: arthritis.

Do not clutch your dog yet! Every three out of four dogs, about 76 percent, suffering from severe dysplasia or arthritis go on to lead happy and comfortable lives, if they are taken care of. Just like humans have methods of dealing with their arthritis, mankind has also invented methods, like hand warming gloves for arthritis, that have helped improve a dog’s life. Hand warming gloves for arthritis are designed to warm your hands, as their name implies, in an effort to reduce pain and swelling, therefore, improving circulation when moving your hands matter most. However, instead of hand warming gloves for arthritis, there are mobility braces, therapeutic dog beds, therapeutic blankets, dog wraps and even dog wrist braces.

The realization is that your dog will might experience some form of arthritis at some point, as likely as one in four dogs will in the United States; very few breeds can sneak past it.

If you own a memory foam mattress – if you do not, what are you doing with your life? – and you have noticed your dog enjoying it more than their own bed, there might be a reason for that. The most likely scenario is that they love hanging out with you, but if your dog just so happens to have arthritis, then you have stumbled on another reason. This is because therapeutic dog beds are actually made with memory foam specifically to spread their weight, relieving the pressure on their joints and in turn, may lessen their arthritis pain. Dog wrist braces work in the same way that they support the joints of your dog. However, it should be noted that if you plan on buying a therapeutic dog bed, if the one you choose does not have memory foam, then it is not therapeutic and most likely a waste of money.

Therapeutic blankets for humans tend to be weighted. It is highly discouraged that you do not buy a weighted blanket for your dog. Injury can occur. However, an anxiety blanket that is not weighted but rather warm and comfortable can be just enough weight to form the illusion of touch.

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