How to Find Playdates for your Dog Online

Pampered pets

The number of pet owners in America continues to grow, and reports indicate that in 2012, nearly two-thirds of all American households – around 62% – have at least one pet. The pets also seem to be a spoilt lot, with more than $50 billion spent by Americans each year on their pet food, toys, medical care and other pet-related expenses. Yet, these beloved and spoilt pets might be lonely. So it was only a matter of time before someone combined this trend with the growing use of social media, to invent an online dog dating service.

Lonely pets, guilty owners: by the numbers

Not only do owners work long hours away from home, most dog owners – 59%, to be precise – own only one dog. Dog-owners are aware that their pets get lonely, and are even consumed with guilt at the thought. In 2000, according to a study by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) based on Lakewood, CO, some 75% of all dog owners feel guilty about leaving their pets alone at home all day.

The same survey reported that 38% of all pet owners call hone to check on their pets during the day. And 44% of the pet owners surveyed reported that they got another pet just to keep the first one company.

How to find your dog some canine companions

So your pets might be lonely for both human and dog-kind company. But not to worry, if you can get online, you can find friends and companionship for your dog or puppy. You are not the only person worried that your dog gets lonely for canine company, and you may find the perfect companion for your dog at an online dog dating service.

Dog dating sites are exactly that, a way to set up dog play dates. They may be used by dog breeders too, but primarily they’re used by dog owners to find congenial canine companions. Dog dating sites with profile pictures and information about dogs and their owners. The sites are searchable by location, so you can find companions for your dog that live nearby, or even when you travel.

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