Need some help with Annandale veterinarians!

I am not the quickest person when it comes to making a big decision. I also fret the little things, or at least that is what my wife tells me. I am a worrier, my father was, too. I suspect it is genetic at this point, but whatever the cause, it is just a fact that I have to deal with on a daily basis. The wife wanted to get a dog last month, and when I finally gave in we adopted on from a local shelter. I love the dog, so of course I worry about any decisions that center around its care. The shelter gave the dog all her shots and spayed her before we picked her up. It is now time to give her rabies boosters and all her other vaccinations, so I have to choose from the Annandale veterinarians near where I live to take her to for all the shots she needs. As you can imagine, I am stressing out over the decision, having never been to any of the Annandale veterinarians in the area, so where do I begin?

I began reading reviews of Annandale veterinarians online and nothing really jumps out at me. There was not a bad word about any of the Annandale veterinarians and I almost wish there was because it would make the decision a lot easier. Instead, I have to read through the vet web sites for each location to see if there is any one factor I can see that sways me from one Annandale veterinarians to the next. At this point, my wife is ready to kick me out because I cannot decide. The Annandale veterinarians are all the same she says, but I do not want to just take our baby to anyone without being sure they are the best there is! She says it is just shots, but she could get sick down the road, and I would rather have the Annandale veterinarians we are always going to take her to be the ones to give her the shots so they will be familiar with her in case something eventually happens.

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