Rating Jacksonville Veterinarians

Sometimes I wonder what jacksonville veterinarians are like, I mean I think that there are differences between every veterinarian and sometimes there are patterns between locations. Say for example if there were a lot of people with ferrets in Jacksonville then Jacksonville veterinarians would have a lot of experience dealing with ferrets. Also if Jacksonville veterinarians never dealt with ferrets because they turned out to be illegal in the area then they would have little to no experience with dealing with ferrets. Therefore there are various differences to all of the vets and certain patterns that ensue due to the nature of the places that they are practicing in. If there are a lot of veterinary schools in jacksonville then I would expect there to be a great amount of Jacksonville veterinarians. If there were not very many Jacksonville veterinarians but there were many veterinary schools in the are then I would expect the veterinarians that are practicing to be top notch. Since there are many schools and yet few graduates this means that the selective process is probably quite rigorous and thus the veterinarians that are practicing in the area are quite prepared in what they have studied. I would feel very safe to have my pets treated in a place like this, where I was quite certain that all of the veterinarians that were practicing with each other had to compete and challenge each other to get to the point of where they are. That means that they had to work extra hard to beat all of the other prospectives so that they would be able to get the positions that they have. This would in turn raise the bar for everyone that is trying to be a practicing veterinary and make the ones that do make it that much better when they are able to practice.

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