Reasons to Buy a Cavachon

Cavachon puppy

If you’re interested in getting a dog, you know exactly what you’re looking for. “I’m trying to find a dog that’s quiet but playful and gets along with other animals”, you might say to your friends. “We need a dog that is hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed very much,” you might say to your neighbor. But these statements most likely result in long conversations about how difficult owning a dog can actually be: your peers will tell you about how hard it is to train a dog to be friendly around children and pets, how dogs are noisy by nature, or relate statistics about how rare it is to find a dog that is both hypoallergenic and low-shed. These conversations are sure to be discouraging, especially when there is a lot of data that shows how many benefits to having a pet there are: petting and playing with your dog is shown to provide sensory stress relief, and can lessen symptoms of depression, panic, and anxiety. Patients with Alzheimer’s are even proven to have fewer anxious outbursts by spending time with a pet. With so many benefits to having a pet, it can be hard to accept that the qualities you want or need in a dog are rare or nonexistent; is there really no such thing as a perfect dog?

There might not be such a things as the perfect dog breed; however, Cavachon dogs and puppies seem to come very close. Cavachons are small dogs that tend toward very loving and affectionate temperaments, making them perfect companion animals. They are also typically stable, sporty and alert, but also good with children and other animals, including cats, especially when they are trained early. Adding to the advantages of having a dog of this breed is the fact that they are both hypoallergenic and low-shed.

Cavachon dogs are also renowned for their beauty. Their coats come in a variety of colors, usually ranging from black to white, tan, and sable. Cavachon puppies especially are regarded as gorgeous examples of the breed, but Cavachons definitely don’t lose their beauty as they get older.

The one disadvantage of Cavachons is found when you’re interested in buying a puppy of this breed: unlike more popular breeds, you can’t buy a Cavachon at a pet shop. Instead, you must contact a Cavachon breeder in order to find Cavachon puppies for sale. But there is even a benefit to this disadvantage: by buying from a reputable breeder, these puppies are often introduced to early training that only helps their friendly, cooperative natures develop. So, if you’re looking to experience the benefits to having a pet with the perfect dog, why wait? Contact a Cavachon breeder today to discuss buying a puppy!

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