Summer Home Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

To many people, their furry companion is their entire world. If you find yourself in this category, consider some of these next few summer pet care tips to ensure that your four-legged friend is happy and healthy during those scorching summer months! These summer pet care tips can also help you maintain a better and cleaner house, so homeowners — read on.

Look into flea and tick prevention for your dog

These tiny vampires like to lurk in tall grasses, waiting to latch onto your poor pup, and summer is when they thrive. Make sure your animals are protected from all kinds of parasites. Talk to your vet about getting your pet on a flea preventative. These medications can take the forms of pills, sprays, and shampoos. However, your pet’s healthcare professional can determine the best option and correct dosage for your animal.

You’ll know your pet has a bad case if they can’t stop scratching and whining. Check their coat if you suspect they may have ticks or fleas and act fast. You don’t want these parasites to lay eggs in your home — you’ll have to get your carpets cleaned to kill off the larvae. You’ll also put your own health at risk in the process. These summer pet care tips are also meant to keep you safe too, so make sure to follow them.

Get your carpets professionally cleaned

Owning a pet requires lots of vacuuming — as you may have already discovered by owning an animal. They shed heavily twice a year, and though your trusty vacuum may be able to get the job done, invest in a heavy carpet cleaning session so they can look like new again. You may need to clean your window treatments too, as dust can settle on your blinds.

However, you can also prevent your dog from shedding by getting them groomed monthly.

But many pet owners will admit that going to the groomers every couple of weeks can get expensive, so why not learn how to de-shed and clean your dog yourself? They’ll certainly feel more comfortable with you versus a groomer. Look up how to take care of your dog breed’s coat. There are certain measures you’ll have to take according to each kind of unique pup out there.

For example, certain breeds should not be shaved down to the skin — like Huskies and Australian Shepherds. This may interfere with the natural growth pattern of their fur, and prevent them from regulating their own temperature. Instead, make sure to go over their coats with a de-shedding tool to prevent matting. Add a spritz of doggy dry shampoo so they can smell their best too.

Give your dog a bath

But combing your dog’s fur is not the only way to prevent ticks. Regular baths also play a large role in keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Call pest control

This is one of the many summer pet care tips you don’t want to forget about.

If you wish to take matters into your own hands, and cut the risk of fleas and ticks altogether, call pest control and ask them to spray the front and backyard to kill off those parasites before they get the chance to invade your home and harm your pet.

Use a lint roller on your rugs

Sometimes stubborn hair gets trapped within the fibers of your favorite rug. If vacuuming isn’t working, try using a lint roller to eliminate all of the excess hair.

Make sure your HVAC system is in good shape

Your home is your sanctuary from the hot, beating sun during the summer, so make sure it stays that way by maintaining your HVAC system.

Call a specialist right away if you notice that your home is feeling warmer than usual and you’re worried about needing an AC repair. Indoor temperatures shouldn’t exceed 80 degrees for your pet’s safety. You may need them to repair your air conditioner before the weather gets too unbearable. You can also do your part by conducting monthly maintenance on your unit on your own to prevent a costly HVAC repair down the line.

Clean the coils, and remember to replace the filter every six months. Failing to do so can cause buildup to start forming, which can lead to mold. These spores can be toxic to both your lungs and your animal, so keep your eye on your HVAC maintenance this summer for both of your sakes.

Polish wooden floors often

It’s a good idea to file your pet’s nails down. Try not to use your own nail clippers, as you may risk cutting into the delicate bed of nerves impeded into their nails. Instead, take your pet to get their nails trimmed. You may also try filing them down yourself, but avoid using anything that can cause the nail to split.

If your floor is covered in scratches from your dog racing around your home excitedly when you get home, get the floors polished and waxed for a lustrous shine.

Make sure they’re up to date with their shots

Summer is usually a great time to take your dog in for their annual checkup too. Making sure they are up to date with their shots is important if you want your animal to live a long and happy life. Most kennels don’t allow your dog to lodge with them if they don’t have their rabies vaccine, and if you have plans for the summer, it’s best to get this handled.

Make sure your backyard fence is in good shape

If your backyard is your pet’s favorite play area, make sure they are surrounded by sturdy walls to keep them safe from the ongoing traffic outside. New fencing installation is your best bet if you want to protect them. This ensures that he’s safe at all times, whether he’s outside on a bathroom break or playing with his favorite toy while rolling around in the grass.

But those summer storms can be brutal and can bring your fence down. Consider these next few signs if you’re unsure whether or not it’s time to replace the fence.

  • If it’s older than 20 years, it’s time for a replacement.
  • Wood is prone to damage, so if your fence is made out of this material, look for large splinters. Smaller imperfections in the wood may be reparable, but if you have a huge chunk missing, you’re due for a total replacement. Vinyl fencing may be worth looking into, as it can withstand the outdoor elements better.

Take care of any dead trees

Make sure to clean up your landscape too. Get rid of any hanging branches that could fall and potentially harm your pet. If you’re new to landscaping, call a tree service. These professionals can conduct the tree care you need to keep your yard looking spotless.

Summer pet care tips for homeowners with a pool

A private pool certainly comes in handy on a hot summer day. However, if you have a pet, you’ll have to take some additional precautions — like making sure the pool stays covered when your pet goes out. You can try installing a removable fence. Also, install a pool alarm as a fail-safe measure.

Setting up a net is another great idea that can prevent your animal from wandering too close to the water.

If your pet is a natural-born swimmer and they love to dive into the pool to get some exercise, watch them diligently.

Install a doggy door

This can be a fun project if you’re bored this summer. This is one of the few summer pet care tips that is non-essential, but it has a long list of benefits regardless.

Install a doggy door, so your pup feels like he has all the freedom in the world. This can also benefit you, as you won’t have to wake up early to let him out in the morning.

Summer pet care tips for gardeners

Gardening is a calming and enjoyable hobby — especially once the weather warms up. If you’re interested in taking this on as a hobby, make sure to put a divider between your garden and the rest of your yard. This can give your pet enough space to roam the backyard, while also keeping your plants safe.

Certain plants can be toxic for dogs, so furthermore, it’s for his benefit too.

To avoid planting plants that can hurt Fido, look out for the following:

  • tulips — don’t be fooled by their pretty petals
  • sago palm
  • lilly of the valley
  • japanese yew
  • oleander

If your pet has gotten into your garden, stay calm and call your vet immediately.

Place your cleaning chemicals out of reach

All of your cleaning supplies should be easily accessible to you, and not your curious and furry friend.

The same goes for medications. Place these high up in cabinets, or locked away in a drawer. If you lack the proper storage, consult with an interior home designer to make the best use out of your space.

Make your house puppy-proof and hide any loose wires when following these summer pet care tips

If your dog is a chewer, make sure to but this project at the top of your list.

This may seem hard, as we are a society run by technology. This is evident, since our televisions and computers are crucial parts of our homes. However, you can hide any loose wires by following these summer pet care tips.

  1. Hook the unsightly wires to the back of your tv or entertainment set. Use clear clips to make sure they vanish without a trace.
  2. You can also use a cord cover that matches your wall for a seamless blend.
  3. Run the wires behind the wall.
  4. Use tubing to tuck in the cords

These ideas will also upgrade your home, and give it a more modern, chic, and minimalist look.

Keep certain foods out of reach

While you may be tempted to feed your dog scraps, refrain from doing so. Many human foods are toxic to animals. For example, chocolate ice cream, dairy products, and fatty meats can upset their stomach, or cause serious issues like obesity.

If you want to give them a nice treat, consider this list of pet-approved fruits and veggies.

  • mangoes
  • apples
  • carrot sticks
  • watermelon

Keep in mind that these fruits and vegetables shouldn’t make up the entirety of your pet’s diet. Both cats and dogs should be eating protein-rich diets, but these sweet treats above can be supplemental.

Make sure the lids on your trashcans close tightly, and that your counters are high enough that your animal can’t jump up onto them and make away with your dinner!

Learn how to make pup-sicles at home

While this tip doesn’t apply to your home, it’s a great way to cool down with your dog on a summer day. Freeze some peanut butter for your dog. Ice cubes can also cool your animal down on an impossibly hot day. After all, a happy dog equals a happy home.

Add some shading on your porch

If you like to spend evening reading and writing on your porch, make it a desirable area where you can lounge with your pet. Set up an awning, or clean up the area to make room for a couple of rocking chairs.

Follow these summer pet care tips for a happier animal!

There you have it. These are some of the top summer pet care tips for the doting owner. Your house will look a lot sharper too, now that you’ve cleaned up your carpets and hidden all the wires. Now, you and your loving pup can enjoy your summer in peace and comfort.

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