Use Dog Hock Brace Therapy for Your Older Animal

Most injuries to dogs occur in the hind legs, particularly in older animals. Treat the injury and help your dog feel healthy again with a dog hock brace. Canine leg wraps like this are made to treat Achilles tendon injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, nerve injury and other conditions that commonly affect dogs.

Therapy Dog Products

Your dog is your best friend, and you want your friend to feel good at all times. Treat their aches and injuries with the right therapy dog products, such as a dog hock brace, an arthritic knee brace, ankle brace socks or a similar product. A brace gives your dog the leg and joint support they need to help them find relief and get the healing they deserve.

A dog hock brace or similar therapeutic product may be used after dogs sustain an injury, or to relieve the symptoms of arthritis in aging dogs. Sometimes, these braces are used for post-surgery relief as well. Braces help to immobilize a certain area of the leg or a specific joint so the natural healing process can begin. This will repair tears, strains and other aches, and help prevent further strain and injury to the affected area.

Using a Dog Hock Brace

Leg, back and knee brace devices for dogs do not completely limit mobility, so your fur baby can still get around and do what they normally do even while wearing their dog hock brace or another type of brace. In most cases, your dog can still get around the house and yard. Usually, they can move around without discomfort, so they can keep up their normal daily activities even as they heal and recover from injury or surgery while wearing one of these braces or another therapeutic device.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Around 44% of all households in the United States have a dog. They’re very popular animals because they make such great pets, and dogs become like members of the family. When a member of your family is injured, they get treatment. Would you do any less for your four-legged family members? Of course you wouldn’t!

Like humans, dogs experience the effects of arthritis as they get older. In fact, one in four pet dogs in the U.S. are diagnosed with some form or arthritis as they age. Relieve the discomfort of stiff joints with a dog hock brace to help them manage the symptoms and continue living a normal, healthy life. Studies show that around 76% of dogs that suffer from severe dysplasia and arthritis can live comfortable and happy lives with the right treatment. That’s a high rate of success, and a great reason to get your dog treatment right now.

Consider different options for your dog, including dog wraps, canine leg wraps, dog hock brace options and other therapeutic tools, and get your dog out there and running around again. After all, if you had arthritis wouldn’t you want to feel better? Your fur baby wants the same thing, and you can give it to them.

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