Veterinary Custom Apps Make the World a Better Place

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If you?re a veterinarian, you already know how people can think of their pets as if they were their children. You also already know how important it is for pet owners to have reliable access to their veterinarian, sometimes even obsessively. Even though pet owners can love their pets like children, it?s obvious even to them that their pets are not children at all. So, when pet parents suspect that their babies may be getting sick, the answers may not come as quickly as they might to a parent of a human baby. That?s why they need you. Thankfully for them and for you, there?s an app for that!

Veterinary custom apps are apps for veterinarians who want to do the most they can for their patients and the worried parents that accompany them. Pet ownership is a really big deal in the United States. In fact, ownership of pets has increased from 67 million households having a pet in 1970 to over 164 million households owning some sort of pet in 2012. That?s a lot of households with a lot of pet needs.

Pet wellness has also increased over the years as a need for more and more families. Veterinary custom apps can help with many questions pet owners might have by giving them answers via modern technology. A veterinarian video is a very general way to ease the fears of a pet owner that might be worried unnecessarily. Showing basic care techniques and diet changes could be extremely helpful, and all done via the computer or smart phone.

There?s a reason people have pets, and everyone?s reason might be different. But according to a recent survey, 60% of Americans feel that pet owners lead more satisfying lives than their non-pet owner counterparts. Some non-pet owners would like to have a dog or a cat, but don?t feel that they could take adequate care of the pet. With veterinarian custom apps like a vet video or online vet advice, caring for a household pet is suddenly a great deal easier.

American pet owners are very committed to their pets. Whether they are a cat person or a dog person, or something else entirely, most of them treasure the relationship they have with their pet. In 2012 alone, American pet owners spent more than $50 billion on their cats, dog, or other precious animal family members, according to the American Pet Products Association.

With that kind of money being spent on household pets, it?s pretty clear that owners love their pets and want to keep them safe and healthy. The use of veterinary custom apps like the virtual veterinarian allows vets to communicate and update their patient?s families with up to the minute information, making the families feel more secure and allowing the vet to make more productive use of his or her time.

If you?re a veterinarian, you already know how important your time is. If you?re a pet owner, you know how desperate you can be if your pet is sick and there?s no one to call. Now there?s technological solution that makes life easier. Sometimes technology does what t?s supposed to: make life better.

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