What its Like to Visit the Pet Emergency Clinic

Do you often wonder what happens when pets are taken to pet emergency clinics? This video will give you insight on what to expect when taking a trip to your local clinic.

Experiencing an animal emergency can be scary. You should remain calm and locate your nearest pet emergency clinic.

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It is important that you bring your pet in, in a quick and calm fashion. You need to make sure to secure your pets in a pet carrier.

When you arrive at the clinic your pet will be triaged by trained emergency staff. Pets that are extremely critically ill or injured will be treated first. If your pet is somewhat stable, you may experience more of a wait time. Just know that a doctor will carefully and thoroughly examine your pet once taken in. In some circumstances, your pet’s emergency may not be obvious upon examination and may require additional testing. Your doctor will recommend diagnostics to determine what is wrong with your pet. Your pet may be able to leave the same day as their emergency if they are stabilized.

If you require a follow-up or medication refills for your pet, we advise visiting your family veterinarian for those needs.

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