What Qualifies as a “Pet Emergency”?

Animals can sometimes be in potentially life-threatening situations without the owner’s knowledge. This video helps identify potential signs that pets need to be taken to the vet for medical care.
What situations qualify as a pet emergency? A pet emergency is any situation that poses an immediate threat to a pet’s health or life. Usually, when this happens, the first thing one should do is to call their veterinarian.
A pet emergency can be anything from injuries, health concerns, and reactions to changes in weather.

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Some examples of these emergencies include severe bleeding, multiple seizures, foreign ingestion, breathing difficulties, unproductive retching, allergies, severe vomiting, pain, and illnesses.
In the event of these occurrences, pet owners should contact emergency pet doctors immediately for medical help. Meanwhile, having a first aid kit can be extremely helpful as one waits for medical help to arrive.
Some situations may be difficult to assess whether or not they are pet emergencies. Nonetheless, the pet owner will need to incline towards the side of caution and seek professional medical help.

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