Why You Need Soap Free Dog Shampoo

If you own a dog, you know how wonderful it is to have a loving relationship with a pet that you care about. Dogs provide years of fun and companionship for anyone that owns them, but there are many responsibilities that come along with owning a dog. If you have a dog that has been affected by parasites like flea and ticks, you have probably tried using certain topical treatments for these problems. Unfortunately, if you are not using soap free dog shampoo, you are greatly limiting the effectiveness of these tick and flea solutions.

Soap free dog shampoo is important for dogs that are being treated with tick and flea medications because of the way that the soap detergent in shampoo interacts with these medications. Many times, soap that is found in traditional dog shampoos will wash away these topical treatments for fleas and ticks. This means that when you bathe your dog with water and shampoo, you will actually be getting rid of the treatment that you have put on your dog to try to help them. To help combat this problem, turn to soap free dog shampoo.

Soap free dog shampoo is very helpful for dogs with ticks and fleas because it does not wash away medication that is used to kill these pests. This kind of shampoo is safe to use on all kinds of dogs. Another benefit of soap free dog shampoo is that it is much gentler on the skin of dogs. This kind of shampoo does not have chemical ingredients that can cause irritation on the skin of a dog. Because of this, soap free dog shampoo is excellent for older dogs with sensitive skin or dogs that have allergies to certain kinds of chemical products.

Taking care of your dog is a big commitment. You have to invest time and money into your dog so that you will be able to give it the care that it needs. If you treat your dog well, you will find that this is an investment worth making because of the love and affection that your dog give to you. Choosing to use soap free dog shampoo is just one way that you can accommodate the specific needs of your pet to make sure that they are happy and healthy and not suffering from problems related to ticks and fleas or very sensitive skin.

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