May 27

Different ways to take care of your dog

Veterinary laboratory

Dogs have been living and working with humans for thousands of years. They are the first instance we have of domesticated animals and the first historical example that exists of humans depending on animals outside of basic food sources. The story of how we came to live and work with dogs is fascinating and long. It involves brave, adventurous wolves that dared to enter human camps because of food shortages and the mutual relationship those early wolves developed with early humans. All of the other aspects of modern day dog life, from the veterinary diagnostics market to food safety testing, was developed out of this simple and beneficial relationship. We learned to love dogs just as they learned to love and trust us. The path wasn’t always easy, of course. There are going to be pitfalls in any relationsh Read More »

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May 02

Are You Providing Your Cat With These Necessary Care Habits?

Pet spay clinic

Cats are one of the most common domestic animals in the United States. Many people adopt a cat because they assume that they are less work than other types of household animals. Although this is true in some aspects, it is not entirely true. Caring for your pet is just as important when it comes to cats, as with any other type of household animal. Cats require regular care in a variety of ways.

Routine vaccinations
Many cat owners are not aware that cats require routine vaccinations, just as dogs do. Cats are subject to a variety of diseases. Although they spend much of their time indoors, they can get out and become exposed to these diseases. These diseases can also be brought into the home, exposing your cat to them. It is important that your cat receives routine vaccinations Read More »

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Apr 13

Organic Bully Sticks Best Treats For Man?s Best Friend

All natural dog chews

You?re browsing the dog treat aisle at the grocery store or pet store. You want to get a special treat for your dog that they will enjoy and appreciate. Maybe you?re training your dog to go to the bathroom outside. Maybe you need treats for your dog class to reinforce good behavior. Or perhaps you just like to reward your puppy with treats for not barking at the neighbor on your daily walk. Whatever the reason, your dog deserves the best treats. So, how do you decide which treats to buy? Do you consider the price first? Do you go for the more nutritious dog treats? What about longer lasting bully sticks for dogs or antler chews instead of the smaller training treats? It can be a difficult decision, but with the righ Read More »

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Apr 05

Consider These Factors Before Subscribing for a Pet Health Insurance Plan

Pet wellness plans

Looking at the statistics on pets, you’ll be taken aback by how much people spend to keep their feline friends happy and luxuriously comfortable. Most pets enjoy certain privileges not many humans get to experience. The life they lead is similar to the life of a young toddler in a family. Pets get pampered and showered with all manner of goodies, let alone the huge budget allotted to them. Do you know the U.S. spends $20.46 billion and $13.59 billion on pet food and vet respectively each year? That’s just a tip of the iceberg. But not all pet lovers invest heavily on their pets, and if they are, it’s not enough to meet the different needs pets have.

Pets are a favorite companion, they are fun, and they turn gloomy days into sweet moments. With such a trusted furry friend, it’s equally important to gi Read More »

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Mar 14

3 Things All Pet Parents Should Know About the Cost of Pet Health

Cat health

Man?s best friend has become a household staple across America. A recent report found that approximately 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog. And Fido isn?t alone. An estimated 76.43 million Americans have cats, meaning the U.S. owns more felines than any other country.

And more and more, pet owners are viewing these furry companions as part of the family. From pet food, which Americans spends $20.46 billion on yearly, to toys and lifestyle accessories, animals can be expensive. Perhaps no other area of pet care is more expensive than the cost of pet health.

Just like you would get the best medical care possible for a human family member, so are pet parents utilizing technology for improved health care for their pets.Veterinary Practice news (Read More »

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Jan 16

No More Broken or Lost Eggs with Roll Away Nest Boxes

Benefits of chicken nesting boxes

Fresh laid eggs are one of the healthiest things you can eat. But as anyone who has ever tried raising chickens knows, it’s not that easy. Finding the eggs, cleaning them, discarding broken eggs and dealing with irate chickens who would much rather hatch their eggs, thank you, can all take up a lot of time and effort. Rollaway community nest boxes handle all of these problems, delivering clean, unbroken eggs day after day, year after year.

Do you have an egg collecting problem?
Raising chickens isn’t as easy as it looks. Whether you’re an urban chicken keeper with twenty backyard birds or a poultry farm with seven hundred, collecting and cleaning eggs is a major operation. With individual laying boxes, you have to locate and remove the eggs, clean them, dis Read More »

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Oct 18

Are You Ready to Own a Pet?

Animal hospital

Owning a pet requires a lot of responsibility and commitment. They are living animals that require food, water, shelter, and medical care. Many families may adopt or purchase a pet for entertainment purposes or to please a child begging for their own pet. However, too many families quickly learn about the responsibilities and care that is required of owning a pet. This leads to the neglecting and abandonment of too many pets. Choosing to adopt or purchase a pet should require a lot of thought, consideration, and research. With the appropriate amount of research and consideration, owning a pet can turn out to be a great choice.

Consider your current family responsibilities. Do you have multiple children with busy schedules and long school days? Are you and your spouse working long hours, Read More »

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Jul 15

When It Is Justified to Compete in Love and Loyalty

Miami dog training

One of the most exciting things that could possibly happen in a person’s life is the moment that they welcome a new dog into his or her home. The joy of holding and petting that squirming, yipping little creature for the first time can only be matched and mirrored in the ecstatic and incessant tail wagging of the new little friend that very quickly becomes a member of the family. It is almost impossible not to feel better when you have got a caring canine trying to cheer you up, and the constant companion that faithfully stays by your side as long as you will let it will continue to bring you joy for years on end. And if you introduce your new pet to professional dog trainers early on, you will only be setting yourself up for success.

Why dog trainers are so important
Dog Read More »

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Jun 17

3 Health Problems Your Dog May Face This Summer

Virginia vet

To avoid a trip to the animal hospital or emergency vet, learn about the following health problems pets face in the summer and how to prevent them.

Three Dog Summer Health Problems

  1. Heatstroke
    If you think you?re hot sitting outside in shorts and a t-shirt, imagine how hot your dog must feel in a fur coat. Of course, your pets want to run and play in the beautiful summer weather, but keep in mind the very real risk of overheating. Certain factors will determine your dog?s tolerance for heat. For instance, older dogs, young puppies, and breeds with heavy coats may have a more difficult time withstanding the heat. Here are some pet care tips for keeping Read More »
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Apr 11

Grooming Your Dog; 101

Dry skin on cats

Pet hair can be the bane of a pet owner’s existence. Typically, when your furry friend sheds more than usual, it is time for them to get groomed. But with the exorbitant costs of bringing your pet to the dog groomer it can be a very costly venture going every couple weeks or so, in 2015 alone $5.41 billion was spent on grooming and boarding our pets! Take the tips here to save some money and to groom your dog in your own home!

Before you prepare your bath tub for a furry creature, you must get the right supplies. It is always safe to go as natural as possible, as you only want the best products to care for your pet. All natural pet shampoo, Read More »

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