3 Tips for DIY Dog Grooming

Pet health care

Any dog owner will tell you that pet grooming is an essential part of dog ownership. Cleaning your dog keeps them happy, clean, and free of unwanted parasites and skin problems. In fact, many veterinarian technicians would say that it’s a central part of routine preventive care for pets and pet health care.
When looking to spiff up their pup, many look to either pet hospitals or pet stores for professional grooming services. However, these services are often expensive.
Luckily, there are ways to do it at home — and it’s not as difficult as you think. Here are some tips that can help make at-home grooming a walk in the dog park:

The Supplies

If your dog has long or shaggy fur, you will need clippers in order to keep their coat in proper shape. For cutting fur around the ears, sharp scissors are useful. For dogs with finer and shorter hair, clippers will not always be necessary. Rather, a good brushing will typically suffice. Be sure to provide your pup plenty of treats as means of encouragement!

The Suds

If you are seeking a professional grooming experience for your dog, check your local pet store for a dog shampoo that is sensitive but moisturizing. If your dog has dry skin, confer with a pet dermatologist to find the right shampoo for your pooch. When washing your dog, make sure they are completely dry before going outside — particularly during the cold, wet, and wintry months.

For Anxious Pups

If your dog is nervous about getting trimmed or washed, ease them into the experience. For example, try to associate the experience with rewards, providing ample cuddles, encouragements, and treats every step of the way. If your dog is wary of the noise of the clippers, then first accustom them with the sound before diving in. If your dog cannot handle the stress, it might be appropriate to resort to professional grooming services, by groomers that specialize in therapeutic grooming.

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