4 Great Reasons to Give Out Plantable Cards

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Giving someone a great gift is a hard thing to do. You could search high and low and never figure out the perfect gift to give them. It can be frustrating and stressful. You want it to be personalized but not over the top, thoughtful and caring but not to mushy, sentimental but not sad; it’s such a hard balance sometimes. You want your gift to be remembered and appreciated as well. So many factors to think about. Well, there is something that can be used for different occasions and is sure to make the recipient smile. That something is called plantable memorial cards. They are exactly what they sound like. Cards that you can plant and they grow! You can write on the cards and plant them and they will blossom into flowers!

Sympathy Gifts
When we think of plantable memorial cards, the first thing to come to mind is when someone has lost a loved one. This is a great opportunity to give out plantable memorial cards. A special message can be inscribed on the card and then planted at the grave site, growing flowers to symbolize that personalized message. This is a much more customized and personal way to honor your lost loved one, or to sympathize with someone that has. It’s a card and flowers together but it holds a unique function and makes them stand out from the other flowers and cards they are sure to receive. Knowing when to give a gift like this is crucial because you want to be sensitive to the person who is going through a hard time. Personalized sympathy cards are always better received than something generic.

Reminder Gift
This is a great gift for the very forgetful person. It’s almost a little joke for them because you know them well enough to know that they are forgetful. You can write on the card and then they plant it and the memory grows with the flowers. Everyone forgets things, so no one will be offended. Approximately 39% of Americans lose a daily household item or a basic piece of information from their minds at least once a week. People always forget where their keys and cellphones are. So, giving someone a memory card that they can plant is a great idea for just about anyone that you are needing to give a gift to. If they actually do like gardening and flowers, then it’s that much more beneficial and enjoyable.

Reminder Cards
Plantable memorial cards serve well as appointment reminder postcards from your business as well. It’s a nice personal touch. Doctors, dentists and vets often give out cards to remind the patients of their appointments. Being able to do something with that card would be very nice for the patients instead of having another card floating around the house. Many people put reminder cards in their wallets and then forget about it, which defeats the whole purpose of them doesn’t it? Well, if they have a function then it’ll be easier to remember them because they’ll be exciting to what they look like once their grown!

Anniversary Cards
Have you ever gotten the courtesy smile from the card you gave you significant other on your anniversary? Or maybe you just didn’t know which card they would like? There’s a story about a man who gave his wife humorous cards for years and she gave him sentimental cards until they finally realized, he wanted the humorous ones and she wanted the sentimental ones! Avoid this misunderstanding all together by giving a card and flowers in one! Another benefit to this is that the flowers will last longer because it can be up to the planter to decide when they are to be cut and put in a vase. Store bought flowers tend to die quickly because they have been cut awhile before. Fresh flowers are always a better idea.

There are even more ways that you could use plantable memorial cards, for example, as a welcome gift at a store or a favor at a wedding or party. These are just a few of the many ways that you could pleasantly surprise the people that are receiving them.

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