Are You Ready to Own a Pet?

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Owning a pet requires a lot of responsibility and commitment. They are living animals that require food, water, shelter, and medical care. Many families may adopt or purchase a pet for entertainment purposes or to please a child begging for their own pet. However, too many families quickly learn about the responsibilities and care that is required of owning a pet. This leads to the neglecting and abandonment of too many pets. Choosing to adopt or purchase a pet should require a lot of thought, consideration, and research. With the appropriate amount of research and consideration, owning a pet can turn out to be a great choice.

Consider your current family responsibilities. Do you have multiple children with busy schedules and long school days? Are you and your spouse working long hours, always rushing from one place to another? If this is the case, you need to consider if you will have enough time to properly train a pet. Once they are trained, will you have enough time in your busy schedule to regularly let them outdoors or clean their litters? Will you and your family be able to provide them with the care and attention that they deserve?

Can you financially afford a pet? Many pets are abandoned because their families could not afford them. Owning a pet requires much more than food and water. They also require routine medical care. This includes vaccinations, heartworm preventative, and flea prevention medications. It is also possible that your pet may require specific medical care, from allergies or diet changes. Your pet may also require a visit to an emergency vet, which can get very costly. An emergency vet is needed when a medical concern arises, and the local vet is not open.

Additionally, most emergency vet visits require a follow up with your local vet to ensure that everything is corrected. This incurs further costs. In fact, many pet owners are unaware of the costs of an animal hospital and are not aware until they are in the office with multiple veterinary options that all cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Does your living condition permit pets? Another common reason for pet neglect is a living condition that does not permit pets. Too many people do not do the necessary research of their home or apartment?s pet policy. An apartment of condo may force you to give up your pet, if you wish to continue living there. Finding this information out can be very helpful, for both you and your pet.

Pet owners should also consider the size and energy level of their desired pet in relation to their current living conditions. Larger dogs and higher energy dogs, for example, require more room to run and play in. smaller dogs and cats are better suited for apartment and condo living. Try not to get a larger pet with the intention of eventually moving to a larger yard or bigger space. If your plans change, you do not have the sufficient space for the pet that you chose.

How will children or current pets handle a new pet? People who are already pet owners should consider how their current pet will handle a new pet. They should test the current pet with other animals and ensure that there will not be any problems. It is also important to see how young children will act around certain pets. Many veterinary services every year are the result of animal fights. A fight between two pets can result in a visit to your veterinarian or a trip to the local emergency vet.

Owning a pet is a lot of responsibility. There are many things to consider before choosing the type or breed of a pet. Pets should never be adopted or purchased simply for entertainment purposes. They should also not be purchased to simply appease a young child?s wishes. The child is likely to get over the responsibly of the pet and the parent is left to care for it. Potential pet owners should consider their living conditions and their financial condition prior to owning a pet.

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