When It Is Justified to Compete in Love and Loyalty

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One of the most exciting things that could possibly happen in a person’s life is the moment that they welcome a new dog into his or her home. The joy of holding and petting that squirming, yipping little creature for the first time can only be matched and mirrored in the ecstatic and incessant tail wagging of the new little friend that very quickly becomes a member of the family. It is almost impossible not to feel better when you have got a caring canine trying to cheer you up, and the constant companion that faithfully stays by your side as long as you will let it will continue to bring you joy for years on end. And if you introduce your new pet to professional dog trainers early on, you will only be setting yourself up for success.

Why dog trainers are so important
Dog trainers could certainly be considered among the most important people in your dog’s life, and by extension, yours as well. Yes, you could probably teach your dog to come. More than half of the people who responded in one survey said that the “Come!” command was the most important one a dog should know. Your pup will probably learn it, regardless of whether or not you invest in dog obedience training classes. But many dog trainers will probably tell you that the training classes are not only for the dog, but for the owners as well. The dog could pass the obedience classes with flying colors (or at least the colors that dogs do have the ability to see), but if the owners do not follow the guidelines of basic discipline and interaction, the dog will not maintain the good behavior and skills that it learned in the training class. There are people who are far too quick to blame a dog’s breed or genes for behavioral problems, when in reality, the pet is usually mirroring its owner.

Treating your dog well will result in the best behavior
People have very strong opinions about how a dog acts, and sometimes those judgements will fall upon the owners of the dogs as well. Dog owners have the tendency to compare their pet and their own tactics to those of other dog owners, but it is split almost in half as far as the opinions that these owners have of other owners and the dogs involved. In one survey, about 52% of those who weighed in said that they thought that their own dog was trained better than someone else’s, while just over 46% of the people responded said that another dog owner’s pet was better trained. Overall, everyone seems to agree that positive reinforcement is the key. Almost 100% of respondents claimed that they held the belief that positive reinforcement is indeed the ideal way to train a dog most effectively. And 94% of those owners did put in some time getting involved with the training of their precious pup.

What your dog needs most
Dogs have a pretty great reputation, and are probably the most adored type of pet on the planet, depending on how many cat people you speak with. But they really are a great choice if you are looking to add a non human member to your family. Dogs have the amazing ability to tap into a place of joy for just about anyone that they come into contact with. They are relatively easy to train and teach new things. As many breeds need a great deal of exercise, they make great workout buddies. But perhaps the most endearing quality is what they are best known for: their loyalty. It may feel like the adoration that your dog bestows upon you is too great to match, but more than anything, your dog needs to know that you love it right back, and you are just as devoted to it as it is to you.

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