Five Creative Ideas for Using the Cutest Dog Pictures of Your Family Pet

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Like most pet owners, you know that your dog is the cutest. Approximately 64% of households in the United States own pets, and there are 63.8 million dogs kept as pets throughout the country. Our fluffy companions are our best friends, too, and we appreciate their personalities because they help us smile on a daily basis. If you want to take the cutest dog pictures to share with friends and family, then check out some of these tips for how to take these photos and what you can do with them.

    1. Have a photo shoot Family photos aren’t just for humans — dogs can join in the fun as well. You can even join in the fun by giving Fido a bandana or hoodie for dogs for the shoot. Your dog will love being the center of attention for family portraits.

    2. Purchase pet keepsakes Just as you can get t-shirts and coffee mugs with your family members’ faces on them, you can also get these items and more made with your pet’s image. Pet coffee mugs and coasters and funny dog tee shirts make great gifts for your relatives throughout the year. You can even get personalized dog bandanas for your pup, if you want him or her to join in the fun. They even make great Christmas presents, and given that Americans spend $5 billion on their pets at Christmas each year, you wouldn’t be the only one getting your pet a gift.

    3. Make a photo album Pet photo albums dedicated solely to our pets are a great way to honor our four-legged friends. Just as you might have an album dedicated to your child’s growth throughout the years, you can do the same with your dog. Choose the cutest dog pictures taken throughout the years and place them in a specially created album or scrapbook.

    4. Start a blog Plenty of people use social media websites and apps to show off their pets online. From writing pet care tips to giving readers a glimpse into your pup’s daily life, there’s plenty you can do to connect with other pet owners online. You can even show off pictures and make videos, too.

    5. Enter a cutest dog pictures contest There are several photo contests on the internet dedicated to collecting votes for the cutest dogs and cats. Anyone can upload a photo, and there are usually great prizes involved, too. You can win cash and pet-related memorabilia just for proving that you indeed have the cutest pet.

Want more ideas for what to do with your cute pet photos? Have suggestions to offer? Be sure to leave a comment below for great pet photo ideas.

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