Recognizing Dog Health Issues

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Your dog will always tell you when they need to be let out, when they’re hungry, or when they’re lonely, but it’s hard for them to say “hey owner, I think I’m sick!” Dogs and cats under the age of 10 should visit a veterinary care center once a year, and every six months if they are 10 years and older. However, things can go wrong between routine checkups.

Seeing a veterinarian for dogs is the best thing you can do for man’s best friend, and because they can’t tell you what’s wrong, we’ve come up with a list of the most common health issues found in dogs.

  1. Heartworms This is a potentially deadly disease in which parasites infect your dog’s heart and occurs from a mosquito bite that manifests into larvae. Symptoms include collapsing and depression.>
  2. Vomiting/Diarrhea The most common cause of this is parvovirus, though eating inappropriate foods or swallowing undigestible objects is also a factor. Seek a veterinarian technician if symptoms persist for more than a day.
  3. Obesity Overweight dogs face joint pain, diabetes, and liver disease. If your dog is healthy, you should be able to feel their backbone and ribs without pressing down. Ask your dog veterinary care center for tips and tricks on how to maintain your dog’s weight.
  4. Infectious diseases Canine parvovirus and distemper are both serious and potentially deadly disease. These are highly contagious and easily transmittable through other dog’s bodily fluids. Symptoms for both include vomiting, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.
  5. Kennel cought Veterinarian advice for dogs will always include making sure your dog is healthy before sending them to the groomers, doggie daycare, or a kennel because this form of bronchitis is highly contagious, though treatable.
  6. Urinary tract issues These include incontinence, bladder stones, and bacterial infections. Symptoms range from urinating frequently, small amounts of urine, and bloom in the urine. Treatment must include a trip to the vet for antibiotics.
  7. Periodontal disease This is a gum infection that is linked to heart disease and other health issues. Symptoms include smelly breath, or difficulty eating and facial swelling. See a veterinarian for dogs in order to remove the plaque.
  8. Skin problems Due to parasites and allergies, ringworm is the most common skin infection and is highly contagious, with symptoms including hair loss and scaly patches on the skin. Always check for ticks and fleas, or simply take your furry friend to the vet.
  9. Broken bones Dogs will be dogs — active and rough — but make sure to look for symptoms such as limping, crying, and inactivity if you suspect your dog has been involved in too much rough housing.
  10. Cancer Unfortunately quite common in dogs, cancer can be detected by looking for lumps, swelling, sores, rapid weight loss, and sudden decrease in appetite. Call the veterinary clinic for surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy treatments.

Around 37.2% of homeowners have dogs, so a veterinarian for dogs is the best way to go when you suspect something wrong with your dog — they will thank you for being so caring! Continue your research here:

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