Give Your Dog What They Deserve!

Homemade dog treats

As told in legends by the Mbaya Indian of the Gran Chaco in South America, humans had lived underground for centuries before dogs dug us up. Don’t you think we owe them a little thanks? Our homemade dog biscuits are a delightful treat for you to make for your best pal that will keep them begging for more. Homemade dog treats may be a little extra work, but you just try to look your pup in the eye and say they don’t deserve. After all, your dog is an amazing creature. For example, it’s well known that dogs have a fantastic sense of smell, but do you know just how good it is? An average dog can pick up on scents at concentrations that make up a trillionth of the air around them. That may be physically impressive, but your dog does so much more than that. In fact, 80 percent of dog owners claim that their pet can pick up on their emotions. The same is said of cats, but only the dog is known under Chinese astrology as a symbol of loyalty and discretion. Dog treats made in usa certainly won’t hurt that loyalty, and homemade dog treats makes it all the better. Homemade dog biscuits are a fun project to work on with the kids for the family friend. You can even customize your homemade dog biscuits with our cookie cutters to shape them in all kinds of fun shapes your dog will love, though they may love to eat them more. Our homemade dog biscuits mix makes making homemade dog treats as easy as ever, even coming in in a variety of seasonal flavors that Lassie will love. In the end, all of those happy pants and tail wags will make the extra effort worth it all the while.

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