Keep Your Pet Safe with Pet ID Tags

Pet dog tags

Most pet owners consider their pet to be a part of their family. Losing a pet, then, is like losing a child for a lot of people. This is nothing new, Ancient Egyptians related cats to their goddess Bast, and dogs to the god Anubis. Pets have been a cherished part of the family unit since before modern civilization existed. A third of all dog owners have a framed picture of their pooch on display. So, of the 14.5 percent of all dogs and cats that go missing each year, why are only 15 percent recovered by looking at their pet tags?

Many people cannot imagine losing their dog, or that it will be easy to find by calling its name or putting up posters, so many do not bother with dog id tags. Many people who keep indoor cats, and I have been guilty of this, think that because they keep their cat inside, it does not need cat tags in case it gets lost. This is a factor as to why only 74 percent of missing cats are recovered, opposed to 93 percent of lost dogs, more pet owners buy pet tags for their dogs. Pet tags that have your address on it, make it easy for shelters and Samaritans to bring your missing pet back to you. Dog tags for dogs also cut down on the stray rate. An unspayed dog and her female pups can produce more than 4,000 puppies in 7 years.

Getting pet tags is as easy as going to your local pet store. Many large chain pet stores have dog tags for pets machines by the checkout. It is a vending machine that lets you customize your pet tags with the pet’s name, address, and other important information. Smaller pet stores have blank pet tags for sale, and they will imprint the pet tags using their own press. Pet tags can be made with either plastic or metal, and come in many colors. They can also be made highly reflective to increase night visibility and keep your pets from being hit by cars.

Giving your pet id tags will keep your dog or cat safe if it gets lost, and will help you recover it more quickly, and with less emotional distress. They are cheap and can be found everywhere. You owe it to your faithful companion to go and get them pet tags. More:

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