I am not a fan of vet offices.

I do not like going to vet offices.  However, sometimes my nine year old black and white Great Dane named Sparkler get sick, and before I know it, I am looking through the phone book to find which of the vet offices I am going to choose to get which ever of his various ailments taken care of.  I have a choice of a few different vet offices, at least, but that does not mean I enjoy the trips.

There are two reasons why I am not a big fan of vet offices.  The main reason is that Sparkler can be such a handful, and not just at vet offices, but every time we go out!  Vet offices are especially bad, though, because he gets so excited when he smells all the strange new smells of all the other animals.  Great Danes are very large dogs, and when vet offices start to notice that you have an unruly one, they do not exactly invite you back, if you know what I mean.

The other reason why I am never eager to make a trip to the vet offices in the area is that I am afraid that Sparkler might not have the best immune system.  It seems that whenever we bring him in to our choice of the vet offices, he enters with one ailment and leaves with another that he caught on premises!  There are so many sick animals at vet offices, no wonder a dog like Sparkler gets sick!

We cannot avoid it, though.  Things are going to happen.  As well as being illness prone, he is injury prone because he is such a big galoot!  A Great Dane that does not know his own dimensions can be a real big handful.

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