I want a job at a veterinary clinic

I want to get a job at a veterinary clinic. I am a big time animal lover, and a friend of mine that once worked at a veterinary clinic said they offered him great benefits once he passed a probationary period. I would love to get some health benefits, and spend my days at the veterinary clinic helping sweet little animals get better.

I only have an associates degree, so I would not be eligible for one of the better jobs at the veterinary clinic, but that is all right with me! Maybe I could start by taking calls and making appointments for the veterinary clinic while I went to school to become a vet tech. Then, after I got a degree, I could wait for a job to open up at my veterinary clinic, or I could just go ahead and find a job somewhere else!

I would not mind moving if I found the right match with the right veterinary clinic. I love all types of animals, from snakes to snails, from kitties to killer whales, and I am not very attached to my current place of residence. It would have to be a very special veterinary clinic, or at least a very high paying one, but if I found it, I would uproot myself for the job!

My sister once worked in a veterinary clinic, but it was not right for her. She did not get along that well with one of the other employees, and my sister, Shaunda, has a way of creating a lot of drama when she does not get along with people. Fortunately, I am not like that, and I would not rock the boat if I had a job at a veterinary clinic, you can count on that.

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