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Owning a pet has a long list of advantages. Pets are known to help their owners de-stress, they impress friends and pets keep everyone entertained. If are considering bringing a pet into your life, you should know that there are millions of people in the United States who are on that bandwagon. Would you be surprised to find that:

  • There are nearly 75 million domesticated cats in the United States.
    There are nearly 70 million domesticated cats in the United States.
    There is a fabulous infrastructure of services available to make the lives of pet owners easier, like kennels for dogs, 24 hour pet hospitals and even puppy day care!

When you are thinking of taking on a pet, consider that one is the loneliest number. There is no shame in offering a “forever home” to several furry or feathered friends. In fact, the American Veterinary Medicine Association says that the average home has 1.6 dogs and that the average home has 2.3 birds. Once you’ve done the work to host one pet – finding a vet near you, learning how to train the pet, and purchasing food – adding another to your family is that much easier! For example, once you’ve located your favorite doggy day care or kennels for dogs, many service providers even offer discounts when caring for a second pet.
Maybe you’re wondering if you could take on the added cost of a second pet? Vets recommend that animals with normal health receive a check up at least once per year. This average medical cost for one domesticated cat is around $90 per year. If you can afford to double this number if you budget, owning 2 cats is well within reach! You can even research a low cost vet or online veterinarian to minimize costs.
Pets deserve a loving home and access to medical care to keep an eye on their health and well-being. You deserve a furry, unconditionally loving friend – or two. With a wide array of veterinary and boarding options to make pet ownership flexible and affordable, owning pets is more feasible than it ever has been. Get more here.

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