How to Get People to Click on Your Vet Website

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By now, you should know that the key to effective veterinary marketing these days is having a well-designed, quality, and professional website. This is moot though, if no one can even find it. Vet websites are the cornerstones of any veterinary marketing strategy, but if people can’t find you or aren’t willing to click, all of your efforts will be for nothing. Here are a couple of ways to ensure that when people use search engines to find a vet they will come across yours and want to click.

One thing that people tend to prefer is organic — as opposed to paid — results. Using pay per click services is a good way to make sure that a link to your site will show up in search results, but people would typically rather click on an organic link.

Something else that will make people click on links associated with your website is quality content. Part of optimizing any website to rank highly in search engine results is to create original and well-researched content. This can be done on your site by adding a blog section, and will probably inspire more customers to come to your business; in fact, 57% of businesses have gotten a new customer through their blog.

Your web copy should also be relevant and interesting. Maybe you want to comment on recent news that happened in the vet world, or maybe you just want to talk about the dangers of using certain types of floor cleaners or having certain plants in the house when you have a pet. These are all things potential clients might be interested in hearing from you. Not only does this help establish yourself as a trusted authority, but allows you to connect directly with your clients.

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