The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pet

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With affordable veterinary care and urgent care for pets being more available than ever, owning a pet is a dream that many can now realize after potentially years of waiting. The benefits of owning a pet can be greatly rewarding, and plenty of pets out in the world need good homes. If you’re gravitating between whether or not you should own a pet, here are a few things to consider!

1. A Pet Really Can Be Your Best Friend

The old saying is that a dog is man’s best friend, but in actuality almost any kind of pet can be your new best friend. In fact, 66% of pet owners said they would consider their pet their best friend, and 4 in 10 dog owners alone would add that companionship is the top reason why they own a dog. While people may come and go in your life, a pet is always loyal. Happy and healthy pets lead to happy and healthy people … and we don’t mean that figuratively.

2. Owning A Pet Can Have Real Health Benefits

A common reason some claim to not own a pet is an allergy. Did you know that owning a pet … especially a pet in contact with a small child from a young age … can decrease a child’s chances of developing related allergies by up to 3? Furthermore, an amazing 64% of pet owners in America say that they consider the health benefits of owning a pet important to them. Pets have been found to lower their owners’ blood pressures, and in general add to a more relaxing environment that will ensure better lives for their owners.

3. Owning A Pet Is More Affordable Now

Another thing that, with good reason, has stopped people from adopting pets is the expense that come with caring for an animal. People should not adopt pets they can’t afford, and vet services are a big factor when it comes to pet ownership. Luckily, urgent care veterinarians have become much more commonplace. Cat and dog urgent care can involve vaccines, spaying and neutering, and in some cases even grooming at affordable rates. They can also provide immediate care to pets with acute injuries or illnesses, enabling you to make sure that your pet is properly treated as quickly as possible, without waiting for an appointment.

4. Adopting A Rescue Pet Can Be Amazing

One of the most rewarding things a person can do is adopt a pet in need of help. Often, you can ask a veterinarian about local pets that need to be adopted. You can also visit your local animal shelter. If you’re in search of a specific breed or type of pet, there are often breed … specific rescues. But no matter what kind of pet you adopt, you can rest assured that you are doing the right thing!

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