The veterinarian office of my dreams

The veterinarian office of my dreams would be right around the corner. I have a lot of pets, so I have to make frequent trips. What is the worst is when one gets sick, and some of the others catch it. Then, I have to deal with bringing multiple animals in multiple crates, and sometimes with multiple trips, to the veterinarian office! What a big pain!

So, the veterinarian office of my dreams would be super close, and not only that, they would be on call all day every day, in case something happened to one of my little angels! Their waiting room would have two flat screen TVs tuned to an animal channel for me, and a cartoon channel for the kids. The chairs would be heated with special massaging parts for your back. Would it not be great to relax at the veterinarian office while your pet is being taken care of?

My dream veterinarian office would also have a complimentary coffee bar, with an attendant to make the most delicious blended frothy drinks, so you could get relaxed and refreshed at the same time. I might consider moving to another city if I heard that they had such a veterinarian office.

This wonderful imaginary veterinarian office would have to have a doggy daycare, spa, and beauty salon as well, so that once my little treasures have had their health needs met, they can get a makeover in the very same veterinarian office to make them feel new and increase their self confidence.

I am going to start using search engines online to try and find this kind of veterinarian office. My pets deserve it, I can afford it, and I have absolutely nothing else going on in my life, so, why not?

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