Three Ways You Can Use Social Media to Help Influence Your Business

Importance of veterinary web sites

Still need help building a professional website? If so, you’re severely behind the curve. One LinkedIn writer recently devoted and entire blog post to the fact that business owners who rely on their main website only are in for a rude awakening when they try to sustain a viable operation on the web.

That’s because websites alone aren’t enough to engage users anymore. The vast majority of web-savvy content scourers are young and hungry for innovation. They grew up on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, so why deny them the opportunity to discover your business through those means? Of course, Google can always be counted on to do much of the heavy lifting. But the future of the web is being built around social media.

And by following these three social media-centric website marketing tips, you can find out exactly why.

1. Never take your eyes off your audience.

When it comes to working with a seemingly endless customer base, social media is a modern miracle. Social Media Examiner’s Louise Julig suggests a simple action like featuring a customer organically in your company’s Facebook cover photo. That way, casual browsers receive the message that this company caters to people just like them — and that builds unconscious interest right from the bat (if not loyalty, just yet anyway).

2. Spring for colorful, engaging visuals.

Say you run a few vet websites, for example. What do veterinarians take care of? Animals. What do people on the web love to look at photos of? Yep, animals. But web users can spot sterile, “professional” photos from a mile away (thanks to Tumblr, especially). So, circumvent those problems by taking photos of every puppy, kitty, parakeet, salamander and guinea pig that comes into your practice. Then, share them with all your followers.

3. Ask for satisfaction stories and you shall receive.

Whether you’re marketing to customers of vet websites
, shoe stores or even restaurants, everyone has a story. Users like to see their stories get some larger exposure, and with social media, there is never a shortage of content provided by satisfied customers. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have become sounding boards for customers to sing the praises of their favorite companies. That’s one of the most promising website promotion tips of all.

No matter what kind of business you run, you can’t neglect your online audience. The fastest way to build up their loyalty is through social media. So, what are you waiting for?

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