The Delicate Balance Between Socialization and Obedience

Dog training for aggressive dogs

K9 dog training is very important to a healthy and happy dog. Also imperative to a healthy and happy dog is socialization with other dogs. These two components however act in polarity, as socialization will encourage bad behavior learned from other dogs.

When training an aggressive dog, it takes a lot of initiative on the part of the dog owner. There have been advances in dog training for aggressive dogs and dog training equipment to guide you through the process. And K9 dog training sessions don’t end when you pick your dog up from the kennel. Furthermore, with in-kennel training owners never really quite know how the dog is being treated or trained. So stepping up to the plate as your dog’s owner is a must.

To lend more support to your animal’s K9 dog training, consult some chain pet stores that offer group training with their dog trainers. They also have dog training video for use when you and your dog are home. Dog training videos perpetuate what your animal is hopefully learning with a certified, professional trainer.

In conjunction with helping your dog act more obediently, you want to socialize your animal. To do this, he obviously must be around other dogs to an extent. Be warned dog parks are rife with untrained dogs and if your dog is in obedience training. And because dogs are so impressionable and easily influenced, it will be more difficult for him to unlearn his bad habits. Moreover, kenneling can interfere with obedience training as well, as it may encourage aggression through fence fighting and increased stress.

Unsocialized dogs tend to show aggression to not only other dogs, but people as well. So keeping your dog from socializing is not the answer, but you want to maintain close supervision. This is especially important when your dog is in obedience school to maintain the balance of what your dog is absorbing. Refernce materials:

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