Apr 07

Is Pet Insurance Right For You?

Puppy health insurance

If you were to search the internet for information on pet insurance, you would find out one fact very quickly. Insurance for pets does not cover the most basic veterinary care or examination rates. Insurance is a sort of the reverse of pet wellness plans, in that the company does not pay for your pet to be healthy; they pay when your pet is suddenly unhealthy, such as from an illness or injury. It is ultimately your job to keep your pet healthy, but insurance for pets helps guard against unexpected financial woes from an emergenc Read More »

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Mar 13

4 Great Reasons to Give Out Plantable Cards

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Giving someone a great gift is a hard thing to do. You could search high and low and never figure out the perfect gift to give them. It can be frustrating and stressful. You want it to be personalized but not over the top, thoughtful and caring but not to mushy, sentimental but not sad; it’s such a hard balance sometimes. You want your gift to be remembered and appreciated as well. So many factors to think about. Well, there is something that can be used for different occasions and is sure to make the recipient smile. That something is called plantable memorial cards. They are exactly what they sound like. Cards that you can plant and they Read More »

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Dec 14

3 Tips for DIY Dog Grooming

Pet health care

Any dog owner will tell you that pet grooming is an essential part of dog ownership. Cleaning your dog keeps them happy, clean, and free of unwanted parasites and skin problems. In fact, many veterinarian technicians would say that it’s a central part of routine preventive care for pets and pet health care.
When looking to spiff up their pup, many look to either pet hospitals or pet stores for professional grooming services. However, these services are often expensive.
Luckily, there are ways to do it at home — and it’s not as difficult as you think. Here are some tips that can help make at-home grooming a walk in the dog park:

The Supplies

If your dog has long or shaggy fur, you will need cl Read More »

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Nov 27

How Often Should You Take Your Pet To The Vet?

Veterinarian in north carolina

If you’re a pet owner, you probably dread the visits to the veterinarian as much as your fur baby does. First there’s getting your pet actually into the car, then keeping them calm in the waiting room and you can just forget about any sense of calm when they see the needles. While visits to the animal hospital can be stressful, they are absolutely necessary. Here’s how often you should be taking your pet to the animal hospital for a vet checkup:

If you have a dog or cat under 10 years…

Take them once a year. (This is a minimum. You may want to go more often if your pet is having behavioral issues or needs help with diet and exercise.)

If you have a dog or Read More »

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Nov 24

How to Find Playdates for your Dog Online

Pampered pets

The number of pet owners in America continues to grow, and reports indicate that in 2012, nearly two-thirds of all American households – around 62% – have at least one pet. The pets also seem to be a spoilt lot, with more than $50 billion spent by Americans each year on their pet food, toys, medical care and other pet-related expenses. Yet, these beloved and spoilt pets might be lonely. So it was only a matter of time before someone combined this trend with the growing use of social media, to invent an online dog dating service.

Lonely pets, guilty owners: by the numbers

Not only do owners work long hours away from home, most dog owners – 59%, to b Read More »

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Oct 14

Need Your Pet Spayed or Neutered? Visit the Cat Clinics in Your Area

Az dog dental

Is your cat spayed or neutered? If not, you could actually be doing more harm than good for your pet, and you might even be impacting the animal population near you. Why is neutering or spaying a cat so important? Here are three reasons you may want to consider bringing your pet to one of the cat clinics in your area:

  • Help control animal overpopulation: At this time, shelters in the United States are at capacity. Each year, the Humane Society reports, there are approximately six to eight million homeless animals that get sent to shelters. By going to the dog and cat clinics in your area, you can help de Read More »
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Oct 14

Veterinary Custom Apps Make the World a Better Place

Web veterinarian

If you?re a veterinarian, you already know how people can think of their pets as if they were their children. You also already know how important it is for pet owners to have reliable access to their veterinarian, sometimes even obsessively. Even though pet owners can love their pets like children, it?s obvious even to them that their pets are not children at all. So, when pet parents suspect that their babies may be getting sick, the answers may not come as quickly as they might to a parent of a human baby. That?s why they need you. Thankfully for them and for you, there?s an app for that!

Veterinary custom apps are apps for veterinarians who want to do the most they can for their patients and the worried parents that accompany them. Pet ownership is a really big deal in the United States. In fact, ownersh Read More »

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Oct 11

Why Veterinarians Are The Real Heroes Of Public Health

Veterinary diagnostics companies

When you take your pet or your animal to the veterinary, you want to make sure that your animal is getting the right diagnosis and being treated appropriately. This is especially true if your pet or animal is at risk for carrying diseases transmitted by insects or worms — heartworms in dogs is common, as are diseases transmitted by horseflies in horses. It’s especially important for animals who are often outdoors to be checked regularly, as they come in regular contact with other animals or insects who may be carriers of a disease. Making sure your veterinary office has the right veterinary diagnostics is also crucial, especially if the animal will eventually be used for food, like cows or pigs. Missing a disease can be fatal for the farmer and the public, especially if the food safety testi Read More »

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Oct 06

Do You Fear the Vet’s Office as Much as Your Pet?

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The veterinarian’s office is no one’s favorite. Cats and dogs are infamously adverse to the very word. Maybe bunny rabbits and birds dislike receiving veterinary care as well, but it is much easier to wrangle a fluffy bunny into its cage then to crate a cat. Some dogs need to be carried bodily into the office from the car, making the whole process awkward and difficult for the pet owner. So why go to the veterinarian’s office except for life-threatening illness or injury?

You should pursue regular veterinary care for your house pet because it improves their quality of life. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has found that preventable diseases in pets are incre Read More »

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Aug 31

The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pet

Florida veterinary hospital

With affordable veterinary care and urgent care for pets being more available than ever, owning a pet is a dream that many can now realize after potentially years of waiting. The benefits of owning a pet can be greatly rewarding, and plenty of pets out in the world need good homes. If you’re gravitating between whether or not you should own a pet, here are a few things to consider!

1. A Pet Really Can Be Your Best Friend

The old saying is that a dog is man’s best friend, but in actuality almost any kind of pet can be your new best friend. In fact, 66% of pet owners said they would consider their pet their best friend, and 4 in 10 dog owners alone would Read More »

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