How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need To Stay Healthy?

Dog kennel end table

Have you considered adopting a dog? Owning a pet is a massive responsibility…as well as a massive reward. Millions of American households boast one, if not several, dogs to their name. Canines are well-known for being one of the most lovable, fun and rewarding pets to have around and, as such, require a disciplined hand to remain healthy and happy. This can mean everything from a daily walk regimen to offering your furry friend a spa treatment once a month. For those that are wondering how they can keep their new pet properly accommodated mentally and physically, dog park items should be the first in your arsenal.

How Many Households Have Dogs?

Think dogs are merely popular? Think again. Nearly half of all American households have at least one dog. This totals to nearly 46 million houses that are huge fans of dogs! According to a 2016 report provided by the Trust For Public Lands, nearly every major city has at least one dog park available. This makes it much easier to use dog park items (such as a poop bag or dog table crate) and provide dogs with the constant exercise and socializing they need to develop properly.

What Are Popular Dog Breeds?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many great dog breeds out there. They all have their own unique personalities, outdoor traits and unique health issues, after all, and it’s important to do some research so you find little surprising you once you’ve adopted. For those that want a good family dog, Labrador Retrievers are easily the most popular choice for most American families. For those that have no kids and want a dog that can rough it outside, a German Shepard is a great option. Last, but not least, those who live in apartments can benefit from a smaller dog such as a Basenji or a Pug.

What Dog Park Etiquette Should I Know About?

There are a few rules you should know before grabbing your dog park items and heading outside. The first is to always pick up your pet’s mess! It’s estimated nearly 40% of dog owners don’t pick up their dog’s poop when they take them out for a walk, leaving a nasty surprise for others who come to relax. The average dog will defecate twice per day, adding up to nearly 14 piles of feces in just a week. Not only is it gross, it’s actually a health hazard. A single gram of dog feces can have as many as 23 million fecal bacteria. Play it safe. Take doggy poop bags out with you every time and create a cleaner space for everyone!

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

An important question that depends on your dog’s age and breed, exercise is how your dog remains healthy and happy throughout their life. Dogs generally need the most exercise between one to four years of age, as that’s when they have their most energy, though this can potentially be longer if you have a notoriously active dog such as a Husky under your care. When it comes to general exercise needs, dog breeders will often recommend what’s known as the ‘five-minute rule’. This states that a puppy should have no more than five minutes of exercise for every month.

How Do I Take Good Care Of My Dog?

When it comes down to it, a happy dog is a dog that gets to play outside on a regular basis. This is how they learn about the world around them, become good at socializing and get out all their pent-up energy. Considering how many people live sedentary lives, it can be difficult for some to give their dogs the care they need. Dog park items make this daily necessity fun for both parties. Getting frisbees, balls or rope knots can help owners have just as much fun as their dog when they go out to the park. With dog bag dispensers and dog exercise equipment on your side, there’s nothing standing in the way between your pooch and a satisfied lifestyle.

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